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Posted By: Mr Red
14-Oct-01 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: What songs can you sing in a folk club?
Subject: RE: BS: What songs can you sing in a folk club?
Little Hawk
Fiddler's Green in Toronto didn't blanche when I sang there, singers' night, quiet season, my own songs (2 songs &/or 6 minutes). Tam Kearny was running it in 1986 in the TRANZAC club. I didn't get negative vibes but they did have mostly guests so spots were nigh impossible usually. Perhaps I went to a different Fiddlers Green FC, p'raps in a earlier incarnation.
anyone got the definitive answer on who said "Its all folk singing, ain't never heard a horse sing?"
my bette noir is when people try singing a tune learned off a record and in their minds is this 100 piece orchestra blending with their grace notes, & all we hear is the clever stuff from them!
There are less folk songs where that happens by the nature of the genre. - discuss......