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Posted By: dwditty
15-Oct-01 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: Can't find Paltalk sessions
Subject: RE: Can't find Paltalk sessions

There are a number of live rooms - usually at least two running every night. While they are not specifically Mudcat rooms, there are several 'catters who frequesnt them. Be sure to check the "Show Adult Rooms" box and look for any room that has "Live" in its name. If you add me (dwditty) to your Pal list, you can see if I am on when you sign in. (Add others as well.) You can them PM me, and I will give you an invite.

While there is a lot of fopular stuff done, the people are always appreciative of any genre done well. Our own Fair One blew the room away with her whistle last night - many never having heard such music before. Likewise, Jon Freeman has amazed rooms with his playing. C'mon by.

BTW, these rooms are open at all hours. I'm sure you can find some to meet your time zone and schedule.

When I see you, I'll sing "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian."