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Posted By: musicmick
16-Oct-01 - 01:04 AM
Thread Name: What did you sing as a kid?
Subject: RE: BS: What did you sing as a kid?
My aunt, who had been a "Bohemian" in Greenwich Village was my hero. She sang to me whenever I stayed over at my bubbe and zayde's house. She sang "Riding on the Dummy, on the Dummy Dummy Line", "Constantinople, C-O-N-S-T, A-N-T, I-N-O-P-L-E" and my favorite, to the tune of "Harrigan", L-O-double L-I, P-O-P spells lollipop. Its a wonderful piece of candy, The guy who invented it was a dandy. L-O-double L-I, P-O-P you see, Its a lick on a stick, guarenteed to make you sick, Lollipop for me.

My father sang while he drove the car on Sundays. He favored novelty songs from the 1930s like "Did You Ever Hear Pete Go Tweet, Tweet, Tweet on his Piccalo?" and, sometimes he segued into "Big City Blues".