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Posted By: GUEST
16-Oct-01 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Two little girls...
Subject: Two little girls...

You guys pretty much always help me with the songs that I don't know.

I am looking for the name and perhaps some artists who recorded a song...

The lyrics have something to do with

Two little girls in a rowboat and the bad man who does things with their bones (they become fiddlesticks) hair (bowstrings)...

All help would be appreciated.

Also I'm trying to figure out a song that I fell in love with on a car trip a long time ago.

1995ish I know nothing about the song/artist except that it was a female in the Ani Defranco/Tori Amos folk vein and there was one lyric.

"Maybe on a plane ... or to Spain."

Not a lot, I know, but who knows.

Thanks as always.