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Posted By: Joe Offer
16-Oct-01 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Subject: Index: Jewish Folk Songs in Yiddish and English
Here's the index to another songbook I have to take back to the library.
-Joe Offer-

Jewish Folk Songs in Yiddish and English
Ruth Rubin, Oak Publications, 1965
Available at the Sacramento Public Library

Amol Iz Geven A Mayse (The Jews They Had A King)
Al Di Felder, Grine Felder (Over the Greenwood, on the Plain)
Ale Vasserlech Flisn Avek (All the Rivers Flow Down to the Sea)
A Geneyve (The Robbery)
Aylye Lyulye Lyulye
Bin Ich Mir A Shnayderl (I Am A Little Tailor)
Bay Dem Shtetl Shteyt A Shtibl (We Live At The Edge Of Town)
Oyfn Yam Veyet A Vintele (Over The Sea The Breezes Are Blowing)
Bayt-zhe Mir Ois a Finf-un--tsvantsiger (Bandsmen, Change My Twenty-fiver Now)
Bin Ich Mir Gegangen Fishelech Koyfn (I Went To Market To Buy Me Some Fish)
Biztu Mit Mir Broygez (Why Do You Pout And Frown?)
Bulbes (Spuds)
Chatskele, Chatskele (Hey There, Chatskl)
Dremlen Feygi Oyf Di Tsvaygn (Sleep My Baby, Hungry Baby)
Du Meydele Du Fayns, flu Meydele Du Sheyns (Pretty Little Girl, Can You Answer Me?)
Es Iz Gefloygn Di Gilderne Pave (The Golden Peacock Came A-Flying)
Eyder Ich Leyg Mich Shlofn (No Sooner To Bed)
Eyn Kol, Eyn Kol, Eyn Kol Vayn (Sparkling, Bubbling, Lovely Wine)
Gibn Dir Mayn Tochter (Tell Me, Darling Daughter)
Hob Ich A Por Oksn (Have You Seen My Honey Bears?)
Hop, Mayne Homentashn! (Hey, Hey, Homentashn!)
Hot Zich Mir Di Zip Tsezipt (My Old Sieve Was All Worn Out)
Lomir Zich Iberbetn (Come, Let's Be Friends Again)
Gey Ich Mir Shpatsirn (I Strolled Out One Spring Morning)
Mayn Yingele (My Little Son)
Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder (This Is How A Tailor Stitches)
Oyfn Barg Un Ibern Barg (Up The Hill And Over The Hill)
Oy, A Nacht A Sheyne (The Moon Was Sailing In The Sky)
Oy, Dortn, Dortn, Ibern Vasserl (Away Across The Hills)
Oyfn Pripetshok (On The Little Hearth)
Papir Iz Doch Vays (One Day As I Was Walking)
Shlof Mayn Kind, Mayn Treyst, Mayn Sheyner (Sleep My Baby, My Sweet Comfort)
Shpilt-zhe Mir Dem Nayem Sher (Play That Lovely Tune For Me)
Shvartse Karshelech Raysn Mir (Red Cherries Are Not For Picking)
Sheyn Bin Ich, Sheyn (I Am So Pretty)
Shlof Mayn Kind, Shlof Keseyder (Sleep My Baby, I Will Croon To You)
Trink Bruder, Trink Oys (Drink Brother, Drink Up)
Tsvey Taybelech (Two Little Doves)
Yeder Ruft Mich Ziamele (People Call Me Ziamele)
Yomi, Yomi
Yoshke Fort Avek (Yoshke's Going Off To War)
Zits Ich Mir Oyfn Benkele (On A Stool, One Summer's Day)
Zog Nit Keynmol (We Survive)
Zoist Azoy Lebn Un Zayn Gezint (I'll Sing To The Baby And It Won't Cry)
Vacht Ovf! (Awake!)