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Posted By: Lin in Kansas
16-Oct-01 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: What did you sing as a kid?
Subject: RE: BS: What did you sing as a kid?
A lot of the ones mentioned were chants we used to jump rope by...with lots of giggling, of course.

Played and sang "Highway 101" (flip side was "The Creep") so many times as a kid that my dad broke the 78 record in the driveway. Grew up on 30s and 40s show tunes, learned from my next door neighbor's cache in her piano bench. And of course lots of country/cowboy songs, since that was literally the only kind of music played by any radio station we could hear (except KOMA in Oklahoma City, which played the likes of Bobby Vinton, Ricky Nelson, and Fabian, for none of whom I could figure out the appeal. Still can't).