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Posted By: Cuilionn
08-Feb-99 - 09:07 PM
Thread Name: Lap Dulcimer players
Subject: RE: Lap Dulcimer players
Och, I'm sae embarrassit...didnae mean tae double-post! Catspaw an' Bert, I'm muckle obligit tae ye for yir suggestions, an' as sune as I allow masel' tae tak a break from resairchin' this paper ("Th' Kirk as a force of cultural annihilation in th' Scottish Hielands, 1550-1750") I'll sit doon wi' ma puir wee dulcimer an' see if a ministair can FIX bridges insteid o' burnin' 'em. I'll keep ye postit...


P.S. Catspaw, I wis richt tickled by yir comment aboot ma wrichtin'. 'Tis often I wonder if 'tis mair annoyin' than usefu', but since I tend tae THINK in Braid Scots, 'tis hard nae tae WRICHT it as weel!