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Posted By: Jeri
23-Oct-01 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
Subject: RE: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
The bottom line is we are all people who like folk music, and we have different friends within that community, but we're open to meeting new folks.

It's funny - I was a member of FSGW for three years before Mudcat existed. I went to open sings, concerts and a couple of festivals. I felt like it was very hard to get to know people, and never felt like I fit in. I knew about the Getaway, but didn't feel comfortable going. I felt like I'd be a stranger among people who all knew each other. Many people I remember from the sings didn't recognise me when I went to the first Getaway.

Now, I feel much more like a member of FSGW than when I belonged to it. The difference, I believe, is that maybe I'm a bit more confident - a bit more willing to stick my neck out and talk to, or make music, with people I don't know. I sure can't believe all those other folks got more friendly.

When I was at the Getaway, I didn't think about the person sitting next to me as being from one group or the other. I don't think many of those I played or sang with, or just talked to, looked at it from an "us vs. them" perspective, and I'm sorry if some folks still see things that way. If FSGW members want to feel a group identity and be proud - PLEASE DO! You've got a lot to be proud of. One of those things is that because of the friendliness of most members, I spent the whole weekend feeling like I was part of one big group and NOT feeling like part of an invading horde. I'd really prefer to keep it that way.

Thank you, to all who worked to make the Getaway happened, and who everyone I spoke, played, or sang with. For me, this past weekend was as good as it gets.