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Posted By: Fortunato
24-Oct-01 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
Subject: RE: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
I have been a FSGW member and occasional worker (mostly the Washington Folk Festival) since about 1977. I have been posting most days on the Mudcat for just over two years.

I just walked up and said, Hi, I'm Chance or Fortunato to lots of people this past weekend. Several people I had just met, Dick Swain and Rick Fielding, Jed Marum for example just walked up and sat in with Susette and I.

But Friends not everybody is unshy or gregarious enough to just approach a stranger, or someone not well known and said Hi or do Ya'll know "Move it on Over.

I never attribute to clannishness what can be explained by self-absorption (me sometimes) or shyness or introversion (me never!)

By the way, some of us opt each year not to go to the Saturday concert. Susette and I were torn. We had written a comedy sketch and readied a song for the concert, but our oldest jamming buddies prevailed on us and we were in the TV room all night long just like last year. Not because we want to be apart from FSGWers or Catters, but because it's our annual time to play music together. Regards, Chance