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Posted By: GutBucketeer
25-Oct-01 - 01:14 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
Subject: RE: Mudcat and FSGW/Other 3d organ.
Spaw. I guess I have to admit it .... I am an engineer ... overanalyzing and trying to solve problems is in my blood.

I do take what you said seriously and have reread everything here.

From the first thread I have tried to get across that I think Real world groups and on-line groups are good for one another. Our example is FSGW and Mudcat.

At the sametime, I agree that drawing attention to the Mudcatters at the Getaway is no longer needed, or even desired. I'm an FSGW member that happens to be a Mudcatter. Likewise I'm a Mudcatter that happens to be a FSGW member. Like you, I don't think that having a 10 year Mudcatter Celebration at the FSGW Getaway would be a good idea. I like the idea of having both so I could go to both !

We are never going to be able to address everyone's "feelings", nor should we. I felt what I felt in the past. It was just a statement trying to show how both groups benefit from the relationship. FSGW doesn't just get people at the Getaway from the Mudcat. They get new/old members like me that may start going to events, volunteering, or interact with people that they never would in the real world. Heck, I even was intimidated by Judy Cook which just seems plain impossible now. I thought the Mudcat helped remove barriers and divisions, not create them. If people want to sit in the corner and be grumpy, let them. The rest of us will go about having a good time with everybody else. However, if people are sitting in the corner because they are shy, or don't know how to introduce themselves then let's pull them in (not to Mudcat, but to all of the activities in general).

My suggestion on cabins was not necessarily to overcome bad feelings, but to maybe help bring people together. There were people that tried to go to sleep early in our cabin, and I know last year at least one person was very uncomfortable with our shared bathrooms and me in my boxers and t-shirt (I think she would have fainted this year). Those types of preferences can be planned for.

Anyway, I will try to stop engineering in public.



I do have a question though. How do other real world organizations in England, Canada, or elsewhere in the states interact with overlapping groups.