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Posted By: Jimmy C
25-Oct-01 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Smashing of the GLASGOW van
Big Tim and Ard Mhacha

Nothing from the brother in Scotland BUT these additional words came to me this morning, maybe the rest will follow, the memory is not gone yet I think! I am now thinking that the reference to the two councillors does not belong in the chorus as they are part of the second verse, - any comments? Sorry for the format but my keyboard is acting up, if I press the keys to format a new line or for a question mark, I get some letter with a French accent, but I am sure you will be able to sort that part out.


It was upon the 4th of May in the year of twenty-one
The news went round old Glasgow town that a daring deed was done
A band of Irish rebels to release an Irishman
Assembled down in Duke Street for the smashing of the van

Here's to the boys that did it, for they were brave and true
Every man who played a part that day was Irish through and through,
Defended by two counsellors McKay and Sandyman,
The verdict was not guilty for the smashing of the van.

The trial it was started but the crown could not prevail
Though they tried their best they could not send those Irishmen to gaol
Defended by two councillors McKay and Sandyman
The verdict was not guilty for the smashing of the van

Will keep you posted

Jimmy C