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Posted By: captain wheels
25-Oct-01 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Silver Darlings (various)
Subject: RE: Silver Darlings
Here we go again,Looking at it I've made a few typing errors in the first attempt.Give me an ivory key board any day! G[LOW]1C1C1C1C1E1G1A1C[HI]1GMINIM/G[LOW]C2C2C1C1D1C1A1F1E1DMINIM/G[LOW]1C1D2C2C1E1G1A1C[HI]1A1G1/ G1C1D2E2G2E2C1D1/ CH G1G1C[HI]1D[HI]1E[HI]1D[HI]2C[HI]2A1G1/ C[HI]1G1E1C2D2E2[TRIPLETACTUALLY]D1C1A[LO]1A[LO]1///G[LO]2G[LO]2C2C2C1C1E1G1A1C[HI]1A1G1/ G1C1D2E2G2E2C1D1C1.
I've put the timing behind the note,the beats dont add up but whocares