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Posted By: Hank
11-Feb-99 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: Singing in a dome
Subject: RE: Singing in a dome
I've been their Musicman. In high school choir our director had us stop, then only tennors and alotos sing. Then just tenors, then just altos, then tenors and altos. Then down the line each alto and tenor alone, finially tneors and altos again. After 15 mintues he told us that he was hearing those extra harmonics from a tenor or alto, but nobody was singing them. Kinda cool. This was just in a boring classroom, nothing to write home about otherwise. Unfortunatly our school district had horrid accoustics everyplace. The concerts where in the lunch room, which was doomed, but it wasn't a good dome like others are talking about. (probably too big for the height, but I'm nost sure it could be made right.) and Jr high was worse, it was in the old auditorim. I understand the new high school has a stage with much better acoustics.