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Posted By: Jim Dixon
29-Oct-01 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Yazoo CD- Best of the Memphis Jug Band
Subject: Lyr Add: COAL OIL BLUES^^

Woke up early, early this morning, blues all 'round my bed.
And the blues, they tell me, crime in a bed (?).

If you be bent down, you just know just how I feel.
If you're bent down, now, just know just how I feel.

Woke up early, early this morning, raging blues all 'round my bed
And the blues they tell me crime in a bed (?).
(Sorry to say, I know how you felt, boy.)

Oh, the preacher in the pulpit, he laid his Bible down
(For what, boy?)
And the members in the corner singing Alabama Bound.
(What kind of women was that?)

And the jury called on Johnny, sure was a born in hell.
Papa tree-top dog he sure was upon a hill.
(What kind of man was he?)

[Instrumental interlude, with harmonica solo.]
(Ah, blow it, blow it.)

(I 'spect I'm gonna have to leave this town, boy.)
I'm o leave this town, honey, it won't be long,
And I won't be dead, just won't blow back here no more.

If I feel tomorrow just like I feel right now,
Boy, the rising sundown sure won't get me up.
(Oh, play it,…, play it.)

[As recorded by the Memphis Jug Band, 1928, Vol Stevens, vocalist.]