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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
30-Oct-01 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: The soul music of Ewan Macoll!
Subject: RE: BS: The soul music of Ewan Macoll!
You just don't know how wrong you can be, Guest. Hows about a name and location now that you know mine BTW? I am interested to discuss your viewpoint and I am sure you have nothing to hide do you?

I just believe that 'The first time' is first and formost a folk song. Other people may have taken it on board but it was written as a folk song by one of the greatest folk singer/songwriters of our day. I find it quite humourous that the ad men feel the need to claim it is something else. But it is sad that some people seem to believe them.

Someone at our folk club did Metalica's 'Nothing else matters' the other week but I would not dream of saying it was now a folk song. It is a classic rock ballad. Always will be. We regularly get Lennon/MaCartney stuff but again that remains pop in the mind of most sensible people. Steeleye Spans rendition of 'Rave On' has not taken that song out of the Rock and Roll standard.

There are and always will be many wonderful songs that cross all boundries and I do not presume to categorise all music into its respective pigeon holes. It just gets on my wick when, once again, a wonderful folk song gets stolen by the money makers without even a brief acknowledgement to the writers talent. Even more so when the song was written by a man totaly commited to Socialism and then gets used to make money for more unscrupulous artists with not one tiny portion of his talent. Give credit where it is due is all I ask.

And no, I have never been called a nazi before. But then again I guess that doesn't bother someone who has already made their mind up.

The invite to Swinton still stands. Come and see where the writer was brought up. See how links with the past are being obliterated all over the City. You may even begin to understand why I get a little cross when my local culture and heritage is stolen. I am happy to enter any civilised discussion you like.

But don't push it with such inappropriate flaming eh?

In return I promise to lighten up a bit - in the spirit of the original post:-)


Dave the Gnome