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30-Oct-01 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone having problems accessing Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone having problems accessing Mudcat
I bin noen ta do tha same thang my own self. Sumtimes tho it kin wurkout fer ya. Back when me an Paw an the Reg boyz had owr porta-shitter bizniz callt "Crappers On Casters" I dun forgot ta make a paymint on the trayler whut we uzed ta haul em round on. Thay sent two fellers ta take it back ta the trayler place an when thay seen whut it wuz we wuz a totin on it they jus left her rite thar an I got owr paymint stuff fixt all up.

Funny thang tho cuz jes taday we wuz down ta the trayler playz trine ta sell her back to that feller sinz we dint need her no mor an thet sumbitch wernt gonna do it til Paw passed sum reel awful gas in hiz office an then took out a match. Thet feller began ta see it owr way then but I dunno thet he cud reely see atall sinz hiz eyes wuzza watrin reel gud. I gess i cuddent see none too gud either cuz tha check he gave uz wuz fer a hunnert dollarz insted uv a thousand dollarz so I gess we all took a fuckin witha smile. I figger tho it'll be a month ur so bfor tha smell gitz outta' hiz office.

Whut it wuz thet reely made me mad tho wuz while we wuz down thair, Catspaw wuz at home with thet Joe Offer guy he callz Father Joebro an when we got back he wuz gone so we dint git ta say howd do er nuthin. catspaw sez thet Joe is a purty nice feller an he aint so bald yet but it izza gittin thin. Catspaw sez we kin mebbee meet him sum other time.