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Posted By: GUEST,JohnInKansas
31-Oct-01 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone having problems accessing Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone having problems accessing Mudcat

We have been getting in some with site names, but have been getting disconnects frequently. Of course you only know you've lost it when you try to move around.

Connection with the URL #s seems most reliable, but I note that my cookie needs reset when I come in that way, and I'm (for now) unable to get in to do that.

I have set the URLs as alternates in my favorites - for future use.

As I understand it, your server asks the nearest router if it knows how to connect you. It looks to see if it knows how, and if not, asks the next router down the line, until eventually you get there. If something changes, some routers may retain bad addresses for a certain time - so they give you a bad address and you don't get connected. Every time you send a request, it's pot-luck on which string of routers you go through, so it's a crap shoot until they all get updated.

As I'm not too well informed in this area, I may be acting the bad router - so please don't get too excited out my displanation.

I'm expecting things to be back to normal soon.