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Posted By: Trevor
01-Nov-01 - 11:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Jinny Bobbin (Mike Harding)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Jinny / Jenny Bobbin
Found it. Hope you're still in there Hawker. Lovely, innit?


I was born on a Friday in a cotton shed A pile of rags was my birth bed Work was short and she'd little pay She was back at her loom the very next day So she called me Jinny Bobbin

When I was five I went to school Earn your keep was the golden rule The shadow of the mill was laid Across the schoolyard where we played And they called me Jinny Bobbin

When I was twelve I went in t'mill Bins of bobbins I'd to fill I was small but I did it with a will And they called me Jinny Bobbin

At eighteen I'd four looms to keep I paid me way from week to week I met me lad as I danced one May And he danced and danced me heart away And he called me Jinny Bobbin

We were walking out for nearly a tear Times were good and I'd nowt to fear Then I found meself in the family way And I wed me lad one bright summer's day And he smiled on Jinny Bobbin

The bairns came with the passing years Then the war changed our smiles to tears The lads came marching back from France But my lad lay where he'll no more dance Far away from Jinny Bobbin

Now I work in't mill and me lasses too They've bairns of their own so they have to do And I think back of the work I've done And I wonder where the years have gone From the life of Jinny Bobbin

I remember the days when times were hard And dust lay thick on the old mill yard And I think of the faces that I've seen That have passed away like a morning dream Through the life of Jinny Bobbin

Now I think of the friends that I have known Who've lived out life just like me own And that's me story, I know it's not much But I can tell you of many a thousand such With lives like Jinny Bobbin That's the life of Jinny Bobbin