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Posted By: KathWestra
01-Nov-01 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: Happy 40th Birthday, Folk-Legacy
Subject: RE: Happy 40th Birthday, Folk-Legacy
Well, I'm a day late as usual, but will add my love and my thanks to all of the wishes expressed above. Sandy and Caroline, as people you have made an immeasurable difference in my life. As I told you, I wouldn't have met a single person at the Getaway or at NOMAD -- much less been able to co-lead the "What I Learned from Folk-Legacy" workshop -- if it hadn't been for you. You were at the beginning of many enduring friendships that have blossomed as a result of meeting you guys back in 1970 at the tender age of 16. In the intervening years, you have given friendship, song, and love so freely to me and to so many others. I am so grateful, and so lucky to count you as friends.

And the music! All those wonderful wonderful songs, stories, and tunes. Folk-Legacy has been a great source of education all these years with your wonderful informative booklets, and your practice of recording singers and storytellers that other record companies wouldn't bother to publish. The music has provided enjoyment and and food for our souls for these 40 years.

So three cheers. For Sandy and Caroline and Lee. For Rob and David who are helping carry it on. For Folk-Legacy as an enduring enterprise and labor of love. You're the best! Here's to many, many more.