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Posted By: Don Firth
01-Nov-01 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: Practice tip, odd but verrry effective.
Subject: RE: Practice tip, odd but verrry effective.
Great idea! If you can get a pattern, technique, or whatever down so that you can do it more-or-less without thinking about it while concentrating on something else, then you should be able to sing with it and not have to worry too much about what your hands are doing (assuming, of course, that your mouth and your hands are in agreement as to what song you're doing -- but that's another story).

Word of warning with this kind of practice, though. Way back, I'd heard fingerpicking on records and wanted to learn it, but I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. Then someone showed me how, and taught me a couple of basic patterns to practice. I practiced them so assiduously over the next week or so that I started getting cramps in my right thumb and the palm of my right hand. I didn't know it then (the term hadn't been invented yet), but I was flirting with carpal tunnel syndrome. I had to give the hand a complete rest for several days or it would start to twitch uncontrollably. Scary!

Don Firth