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Posted By: Rick Fielding
03-Nov-01 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Practice tip, odd but verrry effective.
Subject: RE: Practice tip, odd but verrry effective.
Bert..Do Not attempt these things at home! T'will destroy your naive charm, and songwriting innocence!! Love your CD by the way.

Holy Cow!! I've had several PMs and e-mails asking if I could suggest a SIMPLER thing to practice while watching the big game. I hear yah. The excercises I've given can lead to pretty complex playing, but are really helpful in simpler accompaniements as's that "muscle memory" thing.

Here's a great one for learning a "Burl Ives" kind of accompaniement pattern though.

Once again...Open D tuning. NOT (repeat Not) for PLAYING in open D, it's just a tool to learn RIGHT HAND PATTERNS, without having to worry about left hand chords.

Thumb picks 6th

Index, middle and ring pick 3rd, 2nd, 1st, together.

Thumb picks 4th.

index picks 3rd

middle picks 2nd

ring picks 1st

It's sort of two quarter notes followed by four eighths

Rhythm is Boom Chuck, badabada.

Enjoy the Burl by the second quarter!