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Posted By: Haruo
05-Nov-01 - 02:06 AM
Thread Name: How can I keep from Singing
Subject: RE: Help: How can I keep from Singing
There are two commonly used tunes, both from the same era and in the same general style, one composed by Lowry (who was also in the main responsible for the hymn text) and the other by Sankey. Both are given in The Cyber Hymnal (the background MIDI is Lowry's; for Sankey's you'll have to click). (Both tunes are also in my Esperanto hymnal: La vivo fluas.) The above Sing Out! reference is the first and only place I've seen Anne Warner mentioned as having a hand in the writing or composition. And (Joe Offer may be able to confirm this) I believe that one of the major recent American Catholic hymnals (maybe GIA's Gather II, I'm guessing) has the text set to another tune? Maybe not; I may be thinking of "I bind my heart this tide"