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Posted By: GUEST,Jeri
05-Nov-01 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Help: computer problem
Subject: RE: Help: computer problem
First the rant, then how to defrag...

Personally, I feel it's absolutely idiotic to have a utility program (defrag) that's disabled by a feature (that useless, un-removable, piece-of-crap startup tray) of the same operating system. What were those morons thinking? I hate (oops, Max - sorry) don't particularly care for that stupid tray. OK - rant over.

Kendall, this is what I have to do to run defrag:

Close all programs.
Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys down, and hit the Del key
When you get the screen that lists programs, select one, and click on the "End task" button.
Do this over and over again for all programs EXCEPT EXPLORER.
When everything EXEPT EXPLORER is shut down, run defrag.
When defrag is done, restart your computer the right way.

(I really hope I didn't mess up any HTML, 'cause I can't fix it at the moment.)