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Posted By: Gary T
06-Nov-01 - 10:25 AM
Thread Name: My new 'F... in'' autoharp!!!
Subject: RE: My new 'F... in'' autoharp!!!
Hi, Bob. This, of course, is my personal perspective and preference.

In a 3-chord song, I'd much rather play E forms (E, A, B7) than F forms (F, Bb, C7). This mainly because I struggle a lot with Bb, but I can also do E "quicker and cleaner" than F, and B7 quicker than C7.

In a song that uses the typical minor chords, I find the F forms (Dm, Am, Gm) easier/quicker as a group than the E forms (C#m, G#m, F#m). I can do all six of these chords, but barring takes a hair longer and has a greater chance of imperfect fretting, so I find doing Dm and Am more appealing than doing C#m and G#m. I also prefer the sound of chords closer to the nut (more bass).

I just strum chords and don't do any picking. Someone who plays lead might have a different view.