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Posted By: wysiwyg
06-Nov-01 - 11:07 PM
Thread Name: My new 'F... in'' autoharp!!!
Subject: RE: My new 'F... in'' autoharp!!!
I think it has more to do with the wonderful deep tone colors and resonance some of the chords produce... I remember seeing a Mudcat discussion about it but I can't recall where... but I know that on mine there is a sweet spot clustereed around several chords, and when I can get one in that range it sounds great. Especially now that I am hammering. But it's a bad range for me, for singing.

Now harp, yer jes' goin' have to do somethig with those expectations. *G* I bet I bust 'em all to flinders. I promise if we ever meet I will introduce you to that jook joint girl, and you can have a try with that song.