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Posted By: BK
16-Feb-99 - 12:32 AM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
I am the original owner of 3 martins; 2 older ('57 & ~'63) & 1 of the newer cheaper DM's. Was gonna buy something else (Not Another Martin!!) but that clever dog of a salesman snuck the DM into my unwilling hands. Ended up trying most of the other Martins (& other brands, but they didn't have Taylor) in the store & liked the sound better than almost all the more expensive models. I'm still going to buy a cedar-topped, smaller-than-dreadnaught Taylor as my next serious guitar. picked up a Baby Taylor just for goofing around & love it -for it's size...

My problem w/Martin is rough relations w/the factory; I'm the original owner of my other 2 Martins as well & haven't been pleased w/the guarantee work or the attitude (Martin used to be fantastic). I haven't even gotten around to sending the papers on the DM yet (Moved twice in the 2+ yrs since purchasing it, & not sure if I should bother; The nut was a mile high, the bridge pins stuck way up... neck rod needed snugging several times.. all of which I'm quite capable of doing competently myself.. So now it also plays well. I even put on Rotomatics -easy bolt-on swap; all holes lined up perfectly.)

But the sound "was sweet & good, & I did what I could." I guess that's what counts. the guys at the bluegrass jam like the new DM almost as much as the older model; they each have a different character.

I have other, often much cheaper instruments that I also like a lot; appreciate each for what it is. Worst were 2 Guild dreadnaughts w/nice necks & sound that always disappointed, never matured. I did get rid of them, something I rarely do.

My advice to newbies: first get a carefully selected Seagull, then when you are ready for the higher level guitar, you can still use the old one for back-up, camping, give to the kids, younger sib, etc.. you'll have something worth keeping hold of til your experience & taste mature.

Cheers, BK