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Posted By: Bill D
10-Nov-01 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Digital cameras?
Subject: RE: BS: Digital cameras?
the major thing to consider is whether you want to print hardcopy from digital files. When I bought my Olympus 2000, it was one of several (including Nikon) that offered over 2 megapixels, whild allows you to print a decent 8x10 inch there are 3 megapixel cameras that would print up to 11X14...

secondary considerations include storage media...some have little cards with various capacities..(I have two cards, one is 8 megs, the other 32....the 32 meg card will take 450 'snapshot' size pics, or 150 bigger pics (140,000 bytes or so) like most of thosethose posted in the Getaway photos...or 40 VERY big pics of 300,000 bytes...or 15 HUGE pics at the full 2.1 million bytes for the best possible printing)

some new cameras use internal mini-disks with even larger storage, but these are the more expensive option. ($600-700+ US or more)....

other considerations are the various specific features ...lens..zoom ratio...remote controls..etc....(I especially like the little clicker remote that came with mine, which allows you to operate the camera from a distance, like your TV. It also has standard timer..(about 8-9 seconds to run and get in the picture) also has cords which allow you to play the pictures thru your TV set.

as to downloading to you computer, that is up to you. ANY camera will have some way to do this, from a parallel port (slow) to USB (faster)....and you can buy readers of various sorts which are VERY fast.....we are seldom in a big hurry, and can download something like the entire Getaway bunch of 80+ pics of 140,000 to 300,000 each in 30 minutes or so (using parallel port) One picture of 140,000 bytes takes about the same time as it would to display on a 56K modem computer...8-9 seconds?? item is budget and brand can get a camera with basic features like mine for $250-400 US now, and some of the fancier things with bigger zoom ratios and BIGGER pics and fancier storage for $500-900+.....I personally would look at major name brands like Nikon, Olympus, Canon, ..etc...

It sure is fun...and you can take the same picture 17 times till you get it right, deleting in between!...have fun looking!