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Posted By: Mac Tattie
10-Nov-01 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Digital cameras?
Subject: RE: BS: Digital cameras?
How much "fun" you will have with a digital camera depends on how much fun you have with a film camera and how high or low a picture quality you find acceptable and what you want to photograph. The film verses digital battle has raged for some time and while the gap is closing, film is still way out in front. Film wins on price, on versatility and on ultimate quality. The same is true about the cameras. For £600-£650 you can buy a good SLR camera and film scaner capable of producing quality unmatchable by ANY digital camera at ANY price. The three main factors that determine the quality obtainable from a digital camera are; 1,the actual number of pixels used (not allways tuthfully the 2.1 or 4.2 which is written large all over the products); 2,the lense, true of all cameras but many digital cameras have very basic lenses. If you have ever had your eyes tested then you will understand the differences between one chunk of glass and an other; 3, how the camera fits your hands. This is, again, the same with all cameras but the digital type tend to have a lot squezed into a small space. Big fingers dont mix well with small buttons and controls. Added to this you will also have to consider if your computer and printer are up to the job(s). Then there is the price of photo paper and extra ink and a decent softwear program to manipulate your pix. Still sound like fun?

Here is an unrelated photo site (not mine) you might enjoy and hopefuly get some ideas of what to take with your new or old camera.