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Posted By: JohnInKansas
11-Nov-01 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Macs, Music and MIDI
Subject: RE: Macs, Music and MIDI
The README.TXT file with my MID2TXT indicates that it was "tailored" for mudcat - and included some html for easy posting in the text result. One of our guys must have done it - but I don't know who it was (it wouldn't be fair to name suspects without evidence).

There is a freeware/shareware? program called mf2t for PCs, that appears to do the MIDI to text for the outside world, but nothing comparable found for Mac.

A rather strange Dutch site at here has a Pascal program(?) with the MID2TXT name, that says it does (sort of) the same thing??? Refers to mf2t, and gives a link to mf2t's originator - also Dutch. Related homepage here. If it works, and he would share his code (the site looks friendly), it might be recompiled - if somebody has a Mac Pascal compiler?