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Posted By: Bill D
11-Nov-01 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Digital cameras?
Subject: RE: BS: Digital cameras?
Jon..2nd hand isn't is being economical! the people who MUST have the newest upgrade, there are many deals to be had in nice, barely used stuff!... wife insisted we save up for the HP Office Jet with scanner, printer, fax, copier (with reduce/enlarge) makes toast, shines your shoes, translates Polish to Hawaiian and calls your boss with a new excuse when you're late to work...(well, maybe I exaggerate a LEETLE bit)...but it sure has been great. Quality prints and the feed mechanism seems to NEVER jam.

Yes, it IS an investment, but since we do NOT print every picture, (mostly archive the digital pics on CD), we don't spend nearly as much as we did on film....and if we need to re-shoot, we don't have to wait till Aunt Maude has gone home, or the craft item is sold!

One important thing...for general B&W printing of text, there are fast, money saving modes (less ink)...and for color prints, there is an HP paper which is 'almost' as good as photo-quality for much less cost, so you can test color and do minor jobs cheaply.