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Posted By: Desert Dancer
12-Nov-01 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: Help: Songs to celebrate community
Subject: Songs to celebrate community
I live in a relatively new cohousing neighborhood. Life in cohousing means lots of meetings (though we all pray that someday they'll diminish in frequency), and part of the general community meetings is a short "community building" exercise. I'm looking for songs that can be fairly easily and quickly taught to a group of regular people, not all regular singers, to celebrate "community" in any or all of its aspects. Things like rounds that get people into harmony easily might be especially good. Humor's o.k. Anything that can get people into a good state of mind for working/struggling together.

Here's an example:

Today in John Krumm's book, "Joy of My Heart," I spotted a likely suspect: it's a round "in the Xhosa Style" called, "Role of the Roll." (He says, "Each line is a little song to be sung repeatedly by a part of the group. the entrances are quite staggered, but they have a few words in common which are voiced simultaneously.") The text of this song is:

Group 1: Underneath for my toilet paper roll
Group 2: The toilet paper is right if it's over the top.
Group 3: But I just don't care, long as it's there, toilet paper.

The simultaneously voiced words are, of course, "toilet paper."

I figure that if we can sing this song it demonstrates that those holding differing views can still come together in harmony! :-)

Any more ideas??

~ Becky in Tucson (Sonora Cohousing)