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Posted By: Guy Wolff
18-Feb-99 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: indipendent progect CD stories
Subject: indipendent progect CD stories
Hi, Last year I did what we used to call a "Vanity Pressing" of a cd, now more politly known as an indipendent progect{Thank you Discmakers} and I was wandering how others have faired going down this road.I've just finished selling off the first 1000{one year &one half}. I don't play out alot anymore but do love fooling around in the studio.THe three great things that happend were that alot of peaple liked it.My states alternative radio station was very resaptive and saportive of it and the man who takes care of Robert Johnson's estate asked if he could agent the cd to the film world .So on the whole I feel the whole thing has been great.It's actually made alittle money!I'm about to do a second one {I'm about 1/3 done} .I'm wandering how many of these things break even, make money or are a bust?Mine cost about $5000.00 to make. I guess the reorders are where the profit $ wise really happens but I most say even if it had been more of a bust money wise the learning experience of doing it was wanderfull..Any other stories of the same t