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13-Nov-01 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Best comedy lines
Subject: RE: BS: Best comedy lines
From a Bugs Bunny cartoon: Bugs(Dressed in drag, as he was wont to do from time to time)says to an overworked shoe salesman:"I'd like to see something nice in a bedroom slipper!"

Salesman:"So would I Lady!"


Pepe L'pew(sp?)after chasing around a cat w/a paint stripe for the entire cartoon leans up close and wearing a Napoleonic uniform complete w/hat simply says... "Josephine!!"


My own son age 16 as we were driving along and discussing the changing state of our relationship as he was beginning to mature. I'm a non-custodial parent.

Me:"So, now that you're graduating soon how would you rate my overall parenting skills now that you've got some perspective?" Son:"Well, I 'do' brush my teeth every night before bed and 'always' wear my seat belt." You were loose about most stuff, but things like that you were, like totally anal." Me:"Anal in a bad way?" Son:"Oh, no! You were like totally my Dad, totally responsible and gave me the business at the right time about the right stuff in totally the right way, but most of the time and I mean this in a good were like my 25 year old loser brother that wouldn't move out or get a job!"