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20-Feb-99 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Nic Jones
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
Hello People....

The poisoned chalice has been handed to me to try and organise the next Nic CD......(ie. the one after "In Search of....") I'm looking to find any Peel sessions from 1972-1979 that any of you might have recorded (illegally, I might add!!) from the Radio......I have some of his later work, but, as usual, the Beeb decided that the tape was worth more than it's contents!!! and cosequently wiped the Masters!!!

If you have such tapes, E me, and I will take you to court, punish you severely, or, buy you a beer, depending on the quality of the tapes!!!!

Yes. It's a crying shame that Celtic Music won't release the master tapes of the early albums to Nic's family, They're not the wealthiest of people, and a few royalties over the years would have been nice.

After such a horrendous accident, you'd think that commercial profit making wouldn't be the priority of caring people would you. (maybe I'm being over-cynical here)

Nonetheless, although a bit sillier than he used to be, Nic is starting to play guitar again, and he's a demon at pool! (4-1, the swine!!)

E mail me, if you should feel inclined.

Best Wishes to all

PS. Oh, Check out the New CD by "The Fraser Sisters" on the No Masters label.......Mmmmm...Nice! (shameless plug over!)