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Posted By: Pete (inactive)
20-Feb-99 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars

I have a lot of various guitars and find that each of them has its own tune and style of music/playing.

Whilst on a day out I (as usual) popped into the local music shop - now as I said I have a lot of guitars, Gibson's M.R.'s, Ovations,etc... but I'd never bought a Martin - never in the right place at the right time or with the cash to hand - but I have played a lot of Martins, friends, etc and around the clubs.

On this day I saw as I walked in the door just one guitar standing out from all the rest - a Martin D.15 - The owner of the shop asked me to try it and tell him what I thought of it - I strummed, picked, down the neck up the neck with partial and standard capos. Everything about this guitar was right for me - the strings the actions and the feel - I love a guitar that makes my body vibrate when I play it - makes you feel a part of the music.

Yes O.K. I bought it - and play it whenever I can - in the clubs and at home - I am very pleased to own a guitar that gives me so much pleasure for such a reasonable price. Many other musician that have played this guitar have gone in search of one - and have also succumbed.

Well I like this Martin, but I don't like All Martins, Its that funny thing personal taste again.

Take care, sing and play well

Pete (Clansfolk)