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Posted By: Rick Fielding
16-Nov-01 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Blueridge BR-7S Guitar any opinions?
Subject: RE: Blueridge BR-7S Guitar any opinions?
Brother Fortunato (I like sounds like were all Teamsters!!)

Take that money you've been saving for your kids' University fees (they'll get by just fine) and BUY THAT LARRIVEE AT THE TWELFTH FRET!!

I've been in there four times and on my mother's grave, it's A MONSTER! You NEED it guy.

OK, let's be completely honest and personal here, 'cause we KNOW that most Mudcatters have no interest in this thread, so we've got almost total privacy in here.

It's ME that really needs that guitar! The problem is that I simply can't come up with an argument that will convince Heather of it. She fights dirty! She'll ask what's wrong with my other seven guitars...if her back's to the wall, she'll DEMAND to know why I can't sell a few of the other thirty odd instruments in the basement. The woman has learned so much from me in the past 13 years, she counters every one of my arguments without breaking a sweat. Hell, I thought I had her, when I demanded to know why SHE has thirty pairs of shoes.....or even more sets of underwear..look, how many bras does one person NEED?

When she had calmed down (and the blood over my eye had dried) I tried using a religious argument (She used to be a Scottish Presbyterian...whatever they are) and recalled (with a bit of invention) a dream I (might have) had:

"Honey, God spoke to me and said, 'with this new Larrivee YOU will bring peace to the world, AND will be able to provide Heather with great riches, with which she can buy huge quantities of bras...'"

Nuthin works....I'm reduced to living the damn thing, so I can hear all the details!