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Posted By: Art Thieme
17-Nov-01 - 11:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: I saw it
Subject: RE: BS: I saw it
Dear Kat,

Take a pass on this one kid. You've got well-meaning and decent instincts usually but you're probably off the mark on this one. After really being excited about "Oh Brother" and it's possibilites, I finally saw it---and walked out of the theater. When the cold air hit me, I realized I had walked out of my own house !! I Had to go back inside and turn off my VCR! ;-) I'd never seen a more trivial piece of demeaning tripe. Only Beverly Hillbillies was lower in my estimation when it comes to Little Abner-type sterotypes. It sounds like Songcatcher might be just as shallow. And I had high hopes for this one too. Why is it that these films, like Stringbean with his dumb outfit and Grandpa Jones with his phony mustache and even Uncle Dave Macon had to play the part of a buffoon to get a foot in the entertainment world's door? Scruggs & Flatt behind the inane Bev. Hillbillies too.

Luv ya Kat--but it won't fly.

Yer buddy,