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18-Nov-01 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nickname 3
Subject: Nickname 3
Hi to all. I did some research and have read 2 old threads about nicknames and how some of the Mudcatters got theirs. People wonder how Bob and I came to be 53. So I decided to share our story again.

Bob and I decided on this together when we joined Mudcat. He likes nicknames and gave me an interesting one years ago when we had known each other for only a few weeks. But here is how it started:

Bob and the manager of the store we worked in were trying to teach me guitar at the time and had recommended Fender picks. So it started as Fender Bender and got shortened to 'Benner'. I was born in 1953. Not to be outdone, Bob changed it to '53 Bennowood', saying it sounded like a good name for a classic car. (I discovered a couple years ago he thought I was a classy lady.) ;)

He still called me that until a couple years back when we bumped into one another again and both being divorced by that time, we are now married to one another. Long time friends can make wonderful second spouses. His ex is now married to the other guy from the store who named me Benner! Strange the way things happen in our lives.

By the way, Bob is now teaching me guitar again and I am actually learning better than I did before. I was busy raising three children and saying yes to too many jobs at church back in those days, as well as trying to be Miss Perfect. I am no longer a Yes person, am less of a perfectionist, work shorter hours, and my children are grown. The grandchildren are not living close enough to spend time with. So I've lots more time for practice and playing.

BTW - I now use Dunlop picks. and Bob's ex's hubby still calls me Benner.

OOPS. Didn't mean to give you my life's story here.

Maybe some other 'Catters want to share how they got their 'Catter names too. I wish I knew how to make blue clickies to old threads. There are interesting stories there.

Anyone want to help out there? Thanks in advance.

Glenda "53"