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Posted By: GUEST,Jeff
19-Nov-01 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Subject: RE: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Would suggest recording bass w/basic rhythm instruments w/o clicktrack as lead players and overdubs(vocals, etc) can make adjustments to slight rhythmic flucuations. The tracks 'breathe' according to the players 'driving' the tracks. Basically, it gives a more consistant sound from song to song and the unique syncopation developed between the bass and primary percussion instruments(ie, autoharp,guit,bass or guit,mando,bass, ect.) will lend itself to defining a 'sound' within the framework of your chosen format. The best recordings I've done are when you set up the mics, get a level, slap on a little compression and let 'er rip. I think a click track can sometimes make the music sound a little 'sterile' or forced. These are just opinions and preferences, mind you and I hope they're helpful. Give a listen to Steve Earle's 'The Mountain' for an example of what I mean. Whether you're a fan or not the 'sound' of the band is very consistant. Just make sure the basic rhythm supports the vocals and that every word is clear. Would not recommend using a click track. Good luck w/ your project. Jeff