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Posted By: Kim C
20-Nov-01 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: I saw it
Subject: RE: BS: I saw it
Well. It's all what makes the world go 'round, ain't it?

I love the Coen Brothers, and I loved O Brother. Sure, Clooney was some goofy, but it worked for me. Like Lyle, I looked at it as one big jokey adventure from the start. Mister and I watched it twice in one weekend.

Haven't seen Songcatcher. Might rent it one of these nights though. what might be more interesting than that, though, would be to read up on Frances Densmore - at least I think that was her name. I heard a story about her on NPR once. She lived out West and recorded several Native Americans singing native songs in their native languages. I want to say it was North Dakota? I don't remember now. Anyway at the time the story ran, several years ago, some of the Native Americans were going to court to retrieve the recordings.

Kendall, I love a good scary movie, and I absolutely HATED Blair Witch. I thought the premise was really good, and they could have done a lot with it, but didn't. Nobody makes a good scary movie anymore. We did rent Hannibal a few weeks back, and while it was pretty disgusting, it did give me a good case of the heebiejeebies.

One of my favorite movies that everyone hated, is Ishtar. Yes, it was silly. Yes, it was goofy. But lemme tell ya, being in Nashville and being subjected to "songwriters" who came to town because someone said, "hey, you're good enough to go to Nashville," I thought this movie was HILARIOUS. I think if they had cast, say, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase instead of two "serious dramatic actors" like Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, the critics wouldn't have been so unkind. Seriously, though, all songwriters should see this movie once. :-)