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Posted By: Ezio, Italy
31-May-97 - 02:29 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Anthem for Ireland
This should be missing in DT:


Oh Land of love we bless thee gentle water
Oh Land of light that you'll love the sea
Oh Land of joy where brother should breathe brother
And all thy souls shall dwell in harmony
And with the clouds, the torrents, and the sorrow
Plead with the dark at rising of the sun
And shook last palm in happiness tomorrow
when we have learned.
All wounds shall heal, and kindest people hear him
All hearts were bought as in our darkest night
No more shall we by war not strife be ridden
All Ireland Children face the future bright

CHORUS: One God shall reign in hearts his flame
Has lighted and he shall lead our people to the sun
One heart and soul, one land my love United
Where we shall live in peace until this world be done


(Recorded by De Dannan, featuring Dolores Keane)

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