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Posted By: Tom French
21-Nov-01 - 09:12 AM
Thread Name: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Subject: RE: Help: Do you use a click track in the Studio?
Recordings made against an enforcing click or metronome beat tend to become sterile. Music needs freedom for expression. I would advise recording your initial tracks on the principal expressive instrument. On the ensuing takes of the backup instruments, treat your playing as if you were a band member trying to support and enhance the expression of the soloist. Technical answers are interesting and maybe useful for canned sound, but always strive for the human aspect if you want music. Surely an entire band is the best answer for the simultaneous human interaction and mutually supporting 'build' on the sound. But you can come very close in tracking if you take on the human role. Over years of listening, I have found myself endlessly drawn to live performance acoustic recordings, a situation where everyone has to be real. Practice a lot way ahead of time. Repetition of recording effort can stymie the musical quality; musicians get tired bored or set into other modes somewhere around the umteenth retake. Best is to have played/sung a piece for months until it has gained it's own persona, apart from yourself. That is what is worth saving and offering to someone else. Frankly the ideal is to never make a recording; just get everybody that wants to hear you into your house or concert hall. Real life is where music is at!