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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
21-Nov-01 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: I saw it
Subject: RE: BS: I saw it
Gladiators with perfect hair and even more perfect diction. One Gladiator, from Spain, with an Auatrailian accent.. wins award for best actor?????

Sean Connery portraying an English 007 with a Scots accent you could cut with a knife. I looked for references to James Bond's home country during these movies.. He was always British.. Scotts are British.

Errol Flynn as Robin Hood I liked Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, He had a certian athetic flair.... Now Kevin Costner as Robin Hood that was bad

An English outlaw with perfect hair and even more perfect diction. My beef is all these movies wher the bad guys have English Accents and the good guys sound like melrose Ave. Robin Hood Prince of Theives being a perfect example.

The only time I have ever liked George Clooneyy is in O Brother. No one does pompous ignoramus like George. I liked the movie, bought the DVD. Great music, lots of funny bits, beautiful photography. Not a good idea to take it too seriously though.

Best Baseball movie, Bull Durham. I liked the first Major league as well. Football movie: Brian's Song. Best Hockey movie: Slapshot, but there ain't much to choose from. Best Golf Movie: Happy Gilmore, (Just for the fight with Bob Barker)Best Music Movie: There are lots, Almost Famous comes to mind, Spinal Tap, La Bamba, Amadeus, Rhapsody in Blue,