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Posted By: Joshua Newman ...
23-Feb-99 - 02:52 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Bonnie Susie Cleland -- Different Tune
Subject: Bonnie Susie Cleland -- Different Tune
I have a memory of a tune for Bonnie Susie Cleland, different from the one here from the singing of Lisa Null.

On the refrains, hey my love and o my joy, and wha' dearly loves me, as best I can remember, it goes (let's say it's in the key of C)

hey my love and o my joy (F E D E C A G)

wha' dearly loves me (E F G A G)

I have no idea how to make this appear clearly in the body of the message, or make it into a tune that could be played ... but if anyone can figure out from this scrawl what the tune might be, I'd be grateful for it.

Just to help ... I have no idea where I heard it.

Many thanks for any help with this... Joshua Newman