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Posted By: Rick Fielding
23-Feb-99 - 03:19 PM
Thread Name: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
This is a true Hamish Imlach story straight from the lips of ace Scots picker and singer Archie Fisher. It's not for the faint-hearted,but after reading Catspaw's latest I guess I can push my own envelope a bit further.

Hamish was taking a train to a folk club in Glasgow, and had imbibed generously along the way. Feeling a mite queasy he raced to the loo and was VERY sick. He also had a very messy and unpleasant attack of the runs! (perhaps from too much cod liver oil and orange juice) Seeing what unwashable shape his clothes were in Mr. Imlach, rather than panicking, opened the door a crack and called for the porter. Knowing that the train would be making a ten minute stop a few miles up the road he asked the porter to get off the train and quickly pick him up some Levis "48 short" with a ten pound note as a reward. The train stopped, the wish was granted and the porter handed the embarrased Hamish his parcel through the door. Hamish balled up his soiled pants and underwear and when the train started rolling again, threw them out the window into a field. Only then did he open the parcel to find a brand new "48 short" Levi JACKET!