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Posted By: puzzled
23-Feb-99 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: Stingy CD Reissues - why so few cuts?
Subject: RE: Stingy CD Reissues - why so few cuts?
Seems like standard issue for commercial cassettes is 45 min. So I always assumed that the matching CD's (of the same title) were held to 45 minutes so that the people who buy tapes would not feel cheated. Some bands offer their CDs with "bonus tracks". Again, I thought that was so the cassette buyers would be appeased since the product they bought was cheaper even if it was minus the "bonus tracks" of the CD. Or to encourage the purchase of the CD instead of the tape.
I certainly perfer getting CDs of full link like Art's. Did you do cassettes, too, Art, or just CDs?
I certainly agree with Joe that reissues on CDs should be full link. I haven't seen many reissues on cassette. But I would guess the reason the Cds aren't full lenght is simply a money issue for the record company. I was also disappointed.