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Posted By: Ritchie
24-Feb-99 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Art Thieme's CD: The Older I Get, The Better I Was
Subject: RE: Art Thieme's New CD
Well I've gone and done it now...

The last time I bought CD's from the internet from the U.S.of A. I got 'stung' for import duty and had to pay a small fortune to the Post Office and much worse than that I had to promise to my wife that that was more.

Well , I've always enjoyed Arts' comments at the Mudcat and after reading thro'this thread realised that it was going to be sometime before I got a chance to meet or hear him in person so at the press of a button....

Hey ,I'm a grown man, I can nearly do what I want to do, infact I might even buy a 'T'shirt... I'll show her.

Now if I can get to the postman before she can...

Art for Arts' sake...

love & happiness