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Posted By: Mark Cohen
29-Nov-01 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yuppie Ti-Yi-Yo
Subject: Lyr Add: YUPPIE-TI-YI-YO (Pete Sutherland)^^
Here they are! I finally located the tape--it's a gem, a humorous songs workshop with Mark Graham and Pete Sutherland.


Pete Sutherland

As I went out to get breakfast one morning
Two eggs over easy and a stack of wheat toast
I saw a sign said the price of the coffee must double
But the milk it is steamed and the beans is fresh roast

Well they brought me my eggs but they was covered with parsley
And the biscuit it looked like it came from the sea
I flung down my fork and I yelled, "Where's the beef?"
But the waitress just laughed as she sang this to me

Yuppie-ti-yi-yo, get a job, you old hippie
Trade your dungaree jacket for a coat and a tie
Yuppie-ti-yi-yo, get upwardly mobile
For the almighty dollar's gonna be your new high

So I went back to school and I became a stockbroker
I went jogging each morning in a pink fuzzy suit
I learned which kind of cheese goes on what kind of crackers
And I tried to get better at Trivial Pursuit


When I die, bury me with my Talking Heads records
Place a glass of Perrier at my head and my feet
Put a "Save the Whales" sticker on the lid of my coffin
Please tell Shirley Maclaine I'll be channeling next week