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Posted By: catspaw49
30-Nov-01 - 03:20 PM
Thread Name: OBIT: Beatles' George Harrison (29 Nov 2001)
Subject: RE: OBIT: Beatles' George Harrison
Just reading here and thinking about it............

Only a complete moron would negate the influence had on music and culture by the Beatles. Even if you hate the music, even if you say if not them, then somebody else, even if you and I may disagree as to the extent of their influence.........anyone with any rational vision of history, music, and culture cannot deny they were important. That said, and extending a bit on what Leej and others have said above..........

The impact of the death of George Harrison hits hardest with those who lived the times. If you were born much before 1945, your feelings may not be as intense because you were moving into the more practical world of adulthood when the Beatles hit. The more impressionable times of your life had already come and though some were still attracted to them, the over 20 set was a small portion of the audience. And if you were born much after 1955, it's doubtful that you identified as strongly either. But for those within those limits, those who were 14 or 15 when the Beatles came to the States for the first time........That group is probably affected the most because as mentioned, we were living with them and through them.

There is nothing unusual about that, but as I read these posts I realized how significant they were to me and to others.....and no amount of explaining will make anyone else understand how these 4 kids from Liverpool became so embedded in our lives. I just see a quantum difference in postings from those who appreciate all he and they were and those who lived it.

That doesn't mean anything really.......It's only natural..........Should in no way be offensive.......just something I noticed.