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Posted By: Kaleea
01-Dec-01 - 04:05 AM
Thread Name: OBIT: Beatles' George Harrison (29 Nov 2001)
Subject: RE: OBIT: Beatles' George Harrison
I was about 9, and the headlines said the Beatles were coming to the nearby Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater. Of course my parents said we could absolutely NOT go. Nonetheless, I sat on the living room floor in front of the hi-fi listening to my big brothers' Beatles records. I loved the early songs, especially the acoustic ones. The simple, lovely melodies and earnest love songs of youth. When they went to India, and a couple of the lads noticed a then popular blonde girl singer frequenting the bedchamber of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the lads started leaving India. While they found out that the big guru had feet of clay, George realised Truth in the teachings of the guru, and sought out & found those who could teach him Kriya Yoga. On Thursday evening of this week, I went online, and did a search for news of George. For some reason, I expected something new to be reported, but surprisingly found nothing. Fri AM I found out that George had made his final Samhadi. We can learn from George, even now. We can choose to not allow tobacco manufacturers to take our money & kill us. We can pick up our guitars and share songs of love & peace. We can choose to respect the religious/philosophical beliefs of others and NOT condemn our fellow humans- brothers & sisters- who may not be fundamentalist Christians. We can remember to live each day with the knowledge that there are many others across the globe who also believe in love & peace, and treat all whom we meet as our beloved brothers & sisters. If only a handful of us would do some of these things every day, just imagine . . .ah, but that's another Beatle.